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Partner Testimonies

It has been a pleasure to be able to support such a great organization. You can really tell that they are in this for the right reasons. At B3 Better Sports Performance, we feel it’s our civic duty to give back to the community. It brings us great pleasure to be able to provide the youth with financial literacy as well as a source to teach them how to take care of their bodies. We look forward to watching GameFaces continued growing and the impact they have on the community."

- Jerrian

Being a supporter of GameFace 4:13 has been wonderful. It is always a blessing to see a positive impact being made on people’s lives, especially the youth. Young people are arguably the most vulnerable to the many of the societal pressures that are placed upon them, especially nowadays. Social media, influencers, ads, peers, family, and much more have been impacting the youth’s psyche more than ever before. I believe organizations like GameFace 4:13, provide a safe place for children to learn about the pressures of this world and how to face them. Sports can be a great outlet for children to grow not only physically but mentally as well, when done correctly. It can teach team building, boost confidence, and relieve stress. Basketball is one of the sports I believe does all of those things well. This is what GameFace 4:13 intends to do so that youth walk away with something that guides them through life. In college, I was recommended to attend one of Ashanti’s small group meetings via a friend and I remember her always imparting wisdom into my life each time I went. I also remember her telling me about her dream of running an organization that positively impacts youth through basketball and praying that she would be able to achieve it. That’s why when she approached me about donating, I knew supporting her would be the right thing to do. I know how important it is having mentors pour into you because it has made an enormous impact on how I move through the world today. I truly believe this organization will do the same for not only the youth but the community as whole as well.


I agreed to partner with and make contributions to GameFace 4:13 as I believe in the mission of training young men and women physically, mentally, and spiritually through the game of basketball. I have a strong relationship with God and to know that this organization's foundation is based on spreading the word as well as encouraging young people, I agreed to participate in contributing. I've known Ashanti for at least 10 years from when we went to Jacksonville University together and basketball has always been her passion.  Also, serving God daily has what I believe inspired Ashanti to create such an empowering organization. I hope to continue being blessed by the newsletters provided by GameFace 4:13 and how those who are a part have grown.  Also, I hope to continue to make an impact on young men and women, who are a part of GameFace 4:13, as the organization continues to progress." 

- Lindsay

It has been a pleasure working with GameTime over the last year. The way they support the youth in the community, providing opportunity to underprivileged individuals gives me a sense of pride being a part of the program. I constantly receive updates on events that are going on and I wish I had an organization like this, growing up in my neighborhood to guide the youth.


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