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“With our company program High school 9:12, we look to create a change in our community by helping the youth reach their full potential. Increasing their academic, life and athletic skills will maximize their opportunities for success after graduation. Ashanti Williams and Gameface 4:13 Training Academy also believes in these principles and is something we can stand behind wholeheartedly.


I would recommend Gameface 4:13 Training Academy to anyone. This program has a great initiative to better equip the youth with tools to pave their road to the future. One of the aspects that we find impactful to the community is the spiritual focus. Keeping the faith will help you prevail in difficult situations. Transitioning through life is not easy at all but just like the name suggests with Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

-Alan Verlander

CEO of 

Airstream Ventures


"Gameface basketball camp is an awesome way to not only have your child learn countless basketball techniques and skills, but learn the true meaning of Godly sportsman ship, camaraderie and team work. My son truly enjoyed attending the camp everyday , and felt that he came away with something he could apply in not only his basketball games, but in his daily interactions with others. I highly recommend the camp to anyone seeking to enhance their child's overall basketball and social skills."

-Jaunita Jones


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"Ashanti's passion for youth and her faith have led her to form this great organization. GameFace 4:13 Training Academy will produce great leaders because of Ashanti and her team's efforts. If you have a young person under your care, consider Game Face 4:13 Training Academy as a way for them to interact with other positive youth in a nurturing environment."

-Jacqueline Terrell

CEO of Jterrel Consulting Firm

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"My son and daughter attended multiple camps. The camps were educational and nurturing in character, as well as productive in perfecting proper technique.  The staff and older kids were assistive and supporting, while the guest speakers were incite full and inspirational."

-Molly Price


“I just wanted to tell you how much I really appreciate game face in the life of my grandson. Since he was seven years old Chris has had a passion for basketball. I guess because his grandfather [me] played college ball. We had a lot of fun. As a result of Game Face being introduced to Christopher his skills as a ball handler and team player has increase dramatically. The mental health conditioning, cardiovascular and strength-training has caused Christopher's confidence as a ballplayer and young man to increase tremendously. Gameface 413 is an outstanding organization that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in experiencing a great basketball camp.”

-Chris Boguess


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-Astrid Scott

Teacher at Stanton College Preparatory School

“I absolutely love this mission of GameFace 4:13! They highlight the PURPOSE of Basketball and seek to develop the players as well rounded individuals to better their lives as a whole!  I love the encouragement and that’s given through this program because oftentimes, the players may beat themselves down if they don’t make a certain shot or perform as well as they think they could have. The staff jumps right in and motivates them to keep trying, keep practicing and stay positive! The mission of GameFace4:13 is just centered around positivity and I know that’s just the love of Jesus shining right through the staff! :) I’d highly recommend this organization to anyone who’s interested in honing their craft in basketball, but also to those who are striving to GROW themselves!"

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-Angela Johnson


“I have participated in two Game face 4:13 Training Academies with my high school kids. It was awesome to have such a positive volunteer opportunity for my babies. Being able to take care of Registration, Timekeeping, snacks & lunch was very fulfilling for me because it allowed Coach Williams the opportunity to focus on the the actual camp activities. I believe bringing youth together like this for such a powerful training has a positive impact in our communities because they can go back to their perspective schools & neighborhoods & share what they learned as well as invite friends to the next one. I will definitely recommend this camp to anyone interested in playing basketball, improving their skills or looking for the opportunity to plant seeds in a child's life. Coach Williams is lovingly intense on the court. What she is doing with & for these kids is ABSOLUTELY AHH-MAZING!!”

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-Felecia Harris

"Gameface 4:13 has been one of the best basketball camps I have enrolled my son in. The leadership is unmatched and the quality of care they put into each individual child is amazing. I am a single mom raising a teenage boy who loves basketball and at this camp he not only learns the fundamentals of the game but also of life, not just any life but a Godly life, a leadership life. I would strongly recommend this camp to all my peers, simply because as a parent it feels good to know that your child is in a safe environment being trained by some of the best leaders and getting all the tools necessary to be the best version of themselves."


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"Gameface 4:13 is an impactful program that gives youth in Jacksonville, FL an outlet and safe haven through basketball, mentoring, and Christ. I was given the opportunity to speak to the youth of Gameface 4:13 during the 2018 winter break about The Power of Focus. The founder Ashanti Williams is as passionate as they come, Gameface 4:13 is a catalyst in creating young leaders and developing a strong athletic foundation. I highly recommend Gameface 4:13 as an organization that takes the community approach to foster relationships through sports and mentorship."

-Devon Lewis-Buchanan

Founder & CEO of Inspire Youths

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