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Gameface 4:13 Training Academy is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization for youth in Jacksonville, FL. It aims to develop children physically, mentally, and spiritually through the game of basketball.


Gameface is looking to gain monthly partners or one time donations. The funds raised will go directly towards sponsorships for youth in camps, uniforms, technology, and funding for future programs all to better each child’s experience and growth in each of our

3-pillars of performance.

To donate today, please use the form below

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GameFace is partnering with Cars organization to participate in a new campaign, to receive a NEW CAR DONATION. If you would like to DONATE A CAR or know of others that can assist in the process, please click the cars logo button above and it will take you to the official sign up link. The car donation will help us to transport heavy equipment, material, and organizational item for camps and workshops. If you would like to donate a car, outside of the cars organization we are partnering with please contact: and type “car donation” and we will reach out!

We need your help! Lets partner together to make this happen!