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Community Partners and our special Ballers Community

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Ballers Community

Join our community of monthly donars helping kids gain access to our monthly camps and programs

Welcome to the Ballers Community!

This community is designed to celebrate and acknowledge our monthly partners and build a team that receives FRONT ROW ACCESS to our exclusive content that showcases the impact of Baller Community giving. We have two levels within the Baller Community called The Hall of Fame and the All-Stars. Each level of monthly partners receive benefits throughout the year in order to show our gratitude of impacting a player.

Join our community of monthly donors helping kids gain access to our monthly camps and programs


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Ballers Community Testimonials


GameFace 4:13 is a wonderful organization that empowers young people to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Receiving the monthly updates on how my donations make a difference is exciting and refreshing. Also, knowing that my contribution is helping to steer the next generation in the right direction is gratifying.

- Nicki


I decided to partner with Gameface413 to be a part of building up the next generation. This organization provides mentorship, community service, and character development in addition to the training for basketball. I receive messages and calls from the organization that allow me to see the great things that are happening because of the community of givers. I know that the children and families are blessed by this organization.


- Camilya


I decided to donate to GameFace Academy because I wanted to give into other people who are in need. I decided to be a partner with GameFace Academy because I strongly believe that they are impacting youth and getting those young people to know God and know that there is hope in Jesus.


- Ericka


I was fortunate enough to become involved with sports at a young age, and blessed even more so to be around coaches and mentors that genuinely cared about me. I know the impact that the right environment and relationships can play when it comes to cultivating young minds, and the carryover into adulthood. I’m grateful to be able to support the mission of GameFace 4:13 Training Academy, because I believe in its principles of training and supporting the physical, mental, and spiritual. All crucial components to our overall well being. I know Ashanti is extremely passionate about helping youth through her love for basketball, her love for them as human beings, and through her faith. I’m excited for the positive impact that this training academy will continue to have on so many youth, and the ripple effect that it will have throughout the Jacksonville community and beyond. 



- Teneshia


It has been a pleasure being a supporter to the Gameface organization. I started supporting this organization because I saw the great work being done there. I saw the positive impact it has on the next generation- training their minds and their bodies. Their meetings are great space for youths to see their peers also interested in the positive influences available at this organization. These are traits of a great organization established on great principles.



- Allan

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I had the privilege of volunteering with GameFace 4:13 at the very beginning when Ashanti began the organization. I was very excited because it combined two of my favorite things: Christ and basketball. I’m a firm believer in the concept of holistic health and that is what GameFace 4:13 intends to accomplish. My decision to partner with GameFace 4:13 was based on knowing Ashanti’s heart and passion to reach the next generation, my love for basketball and the youth, and most importantly, the empowerment of the next generation through the Gospel. I have no doubt that this GameFace 4:13 is building some of tomorrow’s greatest leaders and I’m honored to be a part of that! 




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We Love Our Partners!

As a non-profit organization we need your continued support to help fund our Gameface 413 Training Academy year-round PROGRAMS! We have three specific programs that are in need of funding: physical training programs (scholarships to camp participants), mental training (funding to build educational summer camps), and spiritual training programs (funding for community and service outreach). Will you consider partnering with us as we make a impact in the community for our youth! 
Gameface 4:13 Training Academy is always looking for ways to partner and connect with new businesses. If you are interested in partnering contact

Current Partners

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