SEP 2021

Importance of Mentorship


Mentorship plays a vital role in the youth within our community. By sharing experiences and positive values, mentors help the youth avoid negative behaviors, build their self-esteem and achieve their goals. With mentorship, it increases the youth’s likelihood of college attendance, positive attitudes and an increase in their social and emotional development.



GameFace 4:13 mentors the youth by encouraging, fostering, and building relationships. We believe the key to building trust is by spending time with the youth in our community. Each month, we host mentorship workshops and invite local community leaders to help serve our youth. Through our mentorship workshop sessions and community service, we teach the youth how to succeed and be leaders in life. At GameFace 4:13, we are committed to building character, and preparing our youth for the future.


AUG 2021

GameFace 4:13 Mentality

Behind every game face, is a mentality and an attitude one carries. “Put your game face on!” is a motivational phrase often said before most competitive events. Along with the look of determination and concentration, your game face is a mentality and a sense of readiness to a take on a task.  

The GameFace 4:13 mentality is a confident attitude you have when you are about to tackle something difficult, or take on a challenge. Our desire is that campers will use the lessons of basketball as a strong foundation for their future. We want our youth to develop their own game face mentality. A mentality that can be used on the court, but in the classroom and in their everyday lives as well.  


The 4:13 in our name derives from the scripture of Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Our goal is to build confidence in young boys and girls so they believe that they too, can do all things.