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STEM Camps


OUR DESIRE is to create a 5-week summer reading program (camp) that sharpens and develops youth reading skills. We want to develop reading comprehension and speed, by integrating sports themed curriculum and reading material. Our aim is that sports themed reading lessons and workshops will keep the attention of young readers, and help youth develop a love for reading. 


OUR DESIRE is to create a STEM workshop (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) that sharpens and develops youth critical thinking and problem solving skills. STEM workshops will have sports themed math curriculum integrated within. Youth will learn how to become sports engineers. Some of the themed curriculum includes, but not limited too-designing sports equipment, building gym facilities and stadiums, and analyzing athletes performance. Our aim is that sports themed STEM workshops/classes and discussions will keep the attention of young mathematicians, and help youth develop a deeper passion for STEM. 

OUR VISION is to develop young leaders who will make an impact in their sphere of influence, and ultimately the world. We believe that science, tech, engineering, math skills are an essential part of being an effective leader in each player’s realm of athletic influence and ultimately in the real world. It is our aim to give GameFace 4:13 youth a competitive edge and head start by participating in our STEM program.  


youth that participate in educational activities during the summer are less likely to lose two or three months of grade equivalent science and math skills.

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