Physical Training Camps

Our camp incorporates four main aspects of instruction in training sessions:

Technical Elements

Physical Performance

Game Situations

Mental Conditioning

Footwork, Technique

& Form Drills

Strengthening & Power Drills

Live Scrimmages &


Conditioning Drills That Help Develop Mental Toughness

We incorporate these four activities into all of our trainings:

Drill Training:

We do group drills that allow athletes to compete and interact with the
entire core group of campers.

Individual Breakout

Drill Sessions:

We separate boys and girls into smaller gender
groups that allow coaches to devote individual attention to athlete’s skills, but

most importantly encourage, foster, and build relationships.

Live Games:

Athletes incorporate and practice what they have learned from coaches in
our training sessions and practice in competitive scrimmages against each other.


We understand that every athlete is on a different skill level. To accommodate
this GameFace 4:13 Training Academy has 2 different levels:

Beginner and Intermediate/advanced level. (We place our intermediate and advanced in same level training.)


We offer week-long camps over winter break, spring break & summer break


We offer clinics that take place one to three days each month

We believe these specific training pillars will elevate youth to an advanced level in their individual sport. Whether they want to make the school team, travel team, play just for fun or even aspire to play on the collegiate level someday. It’s never too early to plant seeds and begin training. We build for the future.

Coaches and Staff

The staff of GameFace 4:13 is there to teach, develop, and encourage. Our coaches are well-trained and enthusiastic trainers. Our goal is to push young men and women to the next level in each sport.

Coaching staff includes:
-College coaches
-AAU and travel basketball coaches
-Volunteer coaches
-High School players

All coaches and staff have reviewed the child protection policies and procedures.