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Personal Training

Personal Training Sessions

We offer personal training sessions to athletes desiring to train on a more advanced level with higher individual attention from coaches in their particular sport. We understand that many parents are looking for a training program that can give their son/daughter a more competitive edge. Our coaches will train boys and girls giving them a head start in their particular sport.

We prepare youth that desire to participate on College level or, club/travel leagues, or just looking for a great workout. We collaborate and team up top coaches in the community to train our GameFace 4:13 players.

Weekly Sessions Available 

At Gameface 4:13 Training Academy we have powerful one-on-one personal training sessions for players looking to train on a higher level and develop effective basketball skills that focus on detail helping further their goals at a more exponential rate.

Our vision...

"Our vision is to develop young leaders who will make an impact in their sphere of influence, and ultimately the world. It is our aim to give GameFace 4:13 players a competitive edge and head start by participating in our fun private training program. We desire to build confidence, encourage, and push players to their maximum potential."  

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